SOUTH AFRICA – As authorities control and policing make prevalent cultivation of marijuana extremely tough, it is in countries having a mixture of sprawling landscapes, scorching temperatures and indecisive governance that are to blame for the majority of the world cannabis plantations.

Consequently, nearly every African country has some type of cannabis cultivation in action. With huge swathes of farmland and a rarely policed system for export, South Africa embody the circumstances necessary to transport marijuana throughout the world.

INDIA – Central and Southern Asia including India is oftentimes quoted as the original home of marijuana. With recorded use of it dating back centuries ago. It’s largely believed that India might have been the ancient home of all cannabis strains.

Extensively grown in several of the northern regions and territories, cannabis marijuana seeds remains popular and even sold in stores for the utilization in religious rituals.

MEXICO – The truth is Mexican cartels are accountable for the high percentage of America’s drug imports, which include vast amounts of cannabis. Mexican suppliers used to produce some of the best quality sativa strains on this planet, but as of this year, Mexico has taken a drop from this drug list.

PARAGUAY – While accounts of the war on drugs in Mexico are typical and well-noted, the fact that landlocked Paraguay is second in the world may surprise some. Regardless of government pressuring farmers, farmers are still eager to grow the crop. With its worth at over 500 times greater than most traditional crops, it would take a lot of efforts to stop them.

AFGHANISTAN – A very important factor that the Al Quaid A were extremely powerful at, was the removal of drug crops including opium poppies and marijuana plantations. With their existence reduced in this country, numerous farmers have retracted back to growing opium poppies and marijuana. In earlier years Afghanistan was seen as among the producers of the highest quality strains and is once more on the path to building again.