Setting up a business online is quite easy these days. There’s really no need to borrow a large capital or rent an office (See Topics: Picking Furniture). You don’t even need to hire employees.

But that’s not to say that every online business has found success. In fact, most experts estimate that 90% of all online businesses go bust within 4 months.

If you find yourself having trouble keeping your business afloat, here are some things you can do:

  1. Invest in proper SEO. If your website isn’t in the first page of results when prospective customers use Google to find website like yours, then you may as well be invisible. Surveys show that the #1 ranking site in the results pages gets 33% of visitors and the #2 spot gets only about 17%. Also, 9 out of 10 Google users never go past the first page.expenses
  2. Minimize your other expenses. Usually you quit because the money coming in is not as much as the money coming out. If right now you can’t increase the money coming in, then you need to figure out how you can decrease your expenditures.
  3. Differentiate your website from the others. Exactly why should people buy from your website? You need to have a unique selling proposition. You can sell unique items, provide lower prices, or offer bonus items in addition to your product.
  4. Improve your website design (check some web developer and  Los Gatos SEO consultant). Take a long and objective look at your website. Does it look attractive or professional? Given what you know of your customers, does your website look like a site they would buy something from?

Remember, you have to achieve two main objectives in order to convince a potential customer into becoming an actual customer. First, you have to make them like your website, and second, you also have to get them to trust your website. Proper navigation should be provided, and a secure payment portal must be installed. Give your website visitors what they want. We’re not just talking about the right products here, although of course that matters too. But we’re talking about other features that your visitors are looking for.

Perhaps you customersshould make your product info more detailed. You may need better images. You can add customer reviews, helpful articles and videos (such as videos showing them how to use the product), and links to other important websites that can help them out. You should also improve your customer support.

Of course, this means that you have to actually find out what your customers want in a website in the first place. So you need to keep testing and analyzing your website, and you can even conduct surveys. Just because your website is not doing as well as you’ve hoped doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel. Work smarter and you can survive long enough to become the success you want to be. (JemberNews.Com)